You can feel safe Enka

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You can feel safe mix 2 Uploaded 6yr+12mo ago by syncopen

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syncopen   commented 6yr+12mo ago

All comments welcome.

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davidw   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Nice Anders. There is a lot going on here for sure but I think it all works and you combined it well. It might be cool to try some hard panning on this. Till played a great guitar part mirroring your piano, maybe try putting that hard right and the piano part hard left to create some more separation in the mix to uncover all the parts. There is also the cool 'drum part' that comes in and out, panning may help bring that out more as well, either way, good job :)


syncopen   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Thanks a lot David.I will take your idea under consideration and will see what happens..:)


spookyoblomov   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Hi Anders, sounds very good to me, well done! Davids suggestion for panning may be an option, I don't know, could work. It seems that you have good skills regarding compression and limiting the mix (I assume you did this, at least the graphic looks like that) It seems to have the right amount of loudness without clipping an distortion. That is an art that I still don't master most of the time. But I go on trying... :-) So long, Till


syncopen   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Thanks for your comment and respons Till.Your contribution really made this tune to take off.I think it could be possible to make a spin off on the acoustic guitar sep it self.