See You Again Contemporary R&B

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See You Again (db mix) 19-Jul-2014 Uploaded 5yr+12mo ago by dogbizkits

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liljoe6string   commented 5yr+12mo ago

hey RAB thnx for taking this around the block.. in just listening to it compared to the mix JOETHEM put up.. I prefer that mix.. for me the bass in this sounds more muddy.. and the vox dont sit as well.. definition is not as blended... but thank you very very much for your time.. I did want to hear different takes on a mix mster.... I did one (horrible) lol,,,, now the others may get a dif vibe.. Im often off base on sht..

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dogbizkits   commented 5yr+12mo ago

No worries, Joe. This is why I always like to work with first generation 'dry' tracks. I noticed this mix didn't have the same clarity as my shorter version of the song. Great song though - and a great exercise to prove you can't get a good mix from secondhand pre processed tracks :o)

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liljoe6string   commented 5yr+12mo ago

(: thnx buddy.. sorry we didnt start clean..i know thats a bitch..