11 (Spin-Off) Ambient

  Spin-off   Spun by sevenproject



DRUMS AUDITION Uploaded 6yr+5mo ago by FIGSOUNDS

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liljoe6string   commented 6yr+5mo ago

2wet (:


sevenproject   commented 6yr+5mo ago

its a AUDITION :)

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fresh727   commented 6yr+5mo ago

Ohh hell yeah! I come back after a week's vacation and we already have a formidable spinoff!!!! Geez, this is awesome Raul! Heavy...and the sonics and mood are perfect as usual, my man!!! YES....acoustic guitar could be very cool!!!! Or some cool synths...man, I'm sure there are some kick ass fellas around to do the job some justice but with soo many new cats I dunno where to start. Which is a great thing for the site! I bet Martin and/or Tyler would have a blast with this version!!!!


sevenproject   commented 6yr+5mo ago

yes, im going to make this alive soon as possible but for me is not a race im out of time i think :).