FALL INTO Southern Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by leesharp



Final Mix Uploaded 6yr+4mo ago by leesharp

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leesharp   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Ok probably as far as my ability will take me. A wav file so you can download a high quality version. A few tweaks here and there. Could not really do much with those vocal sections you mentioned Tim. Seemed the same without no mastering effects on but I think it works as it is the thrust of the words in the title. That's my get out ha ha. Brought your high guitar in earlier in that section so it did not seem so odd with a paste and took the first couple of notes off. Any major probs let me know though. I will try to get on to your other vocal idea Mika tonight if i don't nod off and if anything comes out. I will try to stay off of the red wine. Have a great weekend all.

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ecopunk   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Sounding great Lee. Those F words sound better to my ears? Maybe just got used to it. That guitar part is mint now. Nice work! Still loving that rap!


audiokontor   commented 2yr+10mo ago

great song sounding a bit muddy and partially distorted....and where's the dynamics? but anyway a really great song !!!