THE WATER TOOK HER AWAY song lyrics by Joel Sattler Contemporary Country

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by Joel Sattler 

she was so full of happiness 
at the beginning of her life 
prepared to be a bride 
prepared to be a wife 

put on her long white dress 
and went down to the river 
to take a picture of the joy 
that her wedding bells would give her 

the photographer was ready 
the day a lovely day 
she stood there in the shallows 
and the water 
my only daughter 
the water 
took her away 

she stepped off of the shore 
and turned and smiled at us 
the bottom only one foot deep 
her face all full of trust 

believing that her love 
and her heart was safe and strong 
and the future was without an end 
but she was wrong, oh she was wrong 

because her dress was thick and heavy 
as we saw her in dismay 
and the clear blue dragged her down 
as the water 
my only daughter 
the water 
took her away 

there is no telling when the end 
will come for you at last 
and even in the midst of friends 
tomorrow's all that's left of the past 

and we tried to pull her out 
but the current was too cold 
as the cloth filled up with wet 
as we watched her fate unfold 

and no matter how we cried 
and no matter how we prayed 
we had to watch her as she died 
as the water 
the water 
my only daughter 
the water took her away 

and now we all stand 
at the top of the waterfall 
and see her body floating 
deep down into the call 
like a white flag waving under 
and we wonder yes we wonder 
how long it will be 
until the each of we 


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