The Vendetta Grunge

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Vendetta New Drums Mix 1 Uploaded 6yr+10mo ago by Hotjams

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Hotjams   commented 6yr+10mo ago

I generally like this. However, I think at the start of the main chorus the crash cymbal might be a bit to much. Easy enough to change.


fresh727   commented 6yr+10mo ago

YES!!!!! it is about time we got together on a tune, James!!! Fantastic work...I agree the continues crash feels a bit too harsh for that moment. Your 1:29 turnaround is very unique and just works nicely there! I love the toms at 2:15 and the crash coming in at 2:30 and tasty and strong throughout! Can I ask for something a bit more straight forward at :25-35? Super great brother! Sooo glad you jumped in on this one, James! You turned this into a song that sounds like it would be a blast to play live!

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NicolaOffidani   commented 6yr+10mo ago

Wow James! This is very good... :)