The Vendetta Grunge

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THE VENDETA IDEA 1 Uploaded 6yr+7mo ago by minime

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minime   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Hello Mika , a little idea for your fine Project ! It was fun to work on it ! To start with Vocals and a Drum Loop was really fun and just to try it was very a fine experience ! Thank you for listening !

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sanger   commented 6yr+8mo ago

minime - the coolest of the cool


fresh727   commented 6yr+8mo ago

MINIMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What up my good friend!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!! This is wicked cool!!!! SICK!!!!! Damn, I missed you brother!!!! This is too cool!!!! Featured!!

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Hotjams   commented 6yr+8mo ago

:-) niazz and it's a good day today.

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minime   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Thank you for the friendly words and it was really fun to work on this Song !