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Black Sky Falls Uploaded 6yr+13mo ago by CoastToToast

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CoastToToast   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Here's a quick edit of Mika's vocals into the track. Put some long tail reverb and delay on which rings quite nicely in the quieter parts. I've sidechained the vocals to some of the various parts to help them cut through the mix a bit, as well as removing the eastern vocals so that the lyrics sit better. Lastly, I've added a touch of ensemble to the backing vocals for a slight "Nirvana" feel, haha ;-)


fresh727   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Sounds awesome, Alex! Hope we served justice to Tracy's lyrics....super cool tune my man! I enjoyed playing a part in it all!!!


xvpusw   commented 6yr+13mo ago

Justice has been served quite well :-)

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+12mo ago

Awesome! Depeche MoDe FTW!