Start Again In The Middle - Version A Folk-Rock

Started by stoman, © All Rights Reserved 2014



START AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE BASS IDEA Uploaded 1yr+5mo ago by hacksanctified

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Line6Freak   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Sounds good to me : )

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stoman   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Ok, now we have TWO perfect bass takes. How about doing a spin-off? I wanted to try some different ideas anyway.

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Graj   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Wow! Nice Ryan! Sound great! I like the idea of a spin off and look forward to what Steffen might do. G......

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hacksanctified   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Whatever works best for the song, I?m game! Thanks!

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stoman   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Ryan, please upload your lossless sep to this project for now - I'll create a spin-off when I find the time.