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Heres another.  Standard tuning in the key of A minor on this one, 150 BPM.  Looking for drums on this one and vocals.  There are lyrics for this one and the song has a Spanish feel to it.  The working title for this used to be "Spanish Maiden" and you'll hear why when listening...


BATTLE CRY (Ewing, Scott) a.k.a...idea 33

Beholding the General on his horse, charging his men with a mighty fatal force 

whose final course will never be denied

Unfolding a scene of blood and gore, painted by death and war as the battle soared

into a storm that no-one could survive

(br/ch) Dead or alive, stand or fall, kill or die, the battle cry


Leading us on to death?s parade, meeting the dawn as the final

charge is made and we engage the devil?s renegades

Picture a view that scars the eyes, bodies of dead accrue

as the blood red skies reveal demise for all who fell that day

Dead or alive, stand or fall, kill or die, the battle cry


(Lead break)


Death raises up it?s ugly head, yielding a smile widespread as it looks ahead

at men who met the painful sacrifice 

Littered are fields of crimson red, stained by the blood and lives of the many dead,

who fought and bled so gallantly and died

Dead or alive, stand or fall, kill or die, the battle cry



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Genre Metal Key A minor BPM 150.0

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