Follow Your Heart Pop/Rock

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Follow Your Heart - Final Mix Uploaded 4yr+12mo ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 4yr+11mo ago

Some time has passed, and after resetting my ears I found a lot in the previous mix that sounded awful IMO. So here is an update.

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EnricoNic   commented 4yr+11mo ago



Basil   commented 4yr+11mo ago

Hi Steffen, I did an A-B comparison from a 4-5-15 mix that you have done with this song and this mix doesn't have enough high end as compared to that earlier mix IMO. I know that you have wrestled with finding audio space so everything fits and greatly appreciate all the hard work and time that you have spent ...just offering feedback. I just added a small amount (couple of dBs) of 2k,4k & 8k to the mix and it added back what I feel is missing.

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stoman   commented 4yr+11mo ago

I did not want to master it loud, maybe that's the actual reason. It may need a little more squashing ... I'll post a louder version in a minute, then I'll call it a day.