Smoke Me Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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smoke me 2 Uploaded 5yr+10mo ago by antonklinkt

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antonklinkt   commented 5yr+10mo ago

redone bass&guitar...keep in mind I never claimed to be a guitarist...(just a placeholder track) 4 extra bars in the intro...see if the groove is there...if so, I'll upload seps


WhiteMannequin   commented 5yr+9mo ago

I felt in love with the very first bass that you created. like it better, for me it's a kind of walking bass with black music feel. I sang along with the instrumental and it's hard for me to make my thing. The guitar has to have the same groove of my original, otherwise the singing will not have the same "swag". Best, Melina

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antonklinkt   commented 5yr+9mo ago

can you try playing your guitarpart over my basspart?...(I think I played basically the same thing as the first take)

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antonklinkt   commented 5yr+9mo ago

fyi: this is a different take than the one you sang over last time


WhiteMannequin   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Yes I can play guitar over your bass, good idea. My problem is that I'm not exactly a guitarist. This bass is pretty good as well.