Smoke Me Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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smoke me (piano) Uploaded 5yr+9mo ago by afehr

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WhiteMannequin   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Afehr, I don't know if you are up to experiment again, but I feel that this harmony asks for a change on the piano, combined with the guitar major chords. This harmony was constructed to contrast the sections, in a natural way. That's why the verse is in F Dorian and the chorus is in Bb Mixolydian, to contrast the major with the minor color, I just used minor chords - than just major chords intentionally. So, if you are still interested, please try another mood for the chorus, because I love what you did for the verses. VERSE: Fm7 / Gm7 CHORUS: Bb / AbMaj7 Also this is not a definitive version, I realized that the song is too short and need a bridge. If you want to experiment now or wait for the bridge to try something, I'll wait for you. Hope you keep with me. I still like your delicate piano and Anton's crazy bass. Best, Melina