Innocence Adult Alternative

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Just a boy, he couldn't possibly understand
Still he's there by her side holding her hand

He was free, free like only the young can be
Before they come face to face with reality

Just a boy, she was everything he had
Just a boy, who would teach him to be a man?
Saw the world at the whims of bigger minds
All new brothers and sisters, none his kind



I don't know why he didn't blame God or take offense
I don't know why he didn't need it to all make sense

I don't know how he stayed light in the heaviness

I don?t know how he stayed found in the emptiness
I don't know how he has maintained his innocence

I don't know how he has maintained his innocence

I don't know how he has maintained his innocence

I don't know how he has maintained his innocence


Time will not heal all wounds on all of us

Lightest pressure can be enough to crush

A single punch in the gut can down most men

Others rise to their feet long before ten


Life?s survivors will thank where they have been

Say their trials exposed their strength within

But unless you?ve been touched by pain and loss

You cannot comprehend bearing that cross


[Repeat Chorus]



He saw more than I have in all my years

He experienced all my greatest fears

I am moved by the fire inside his eyes

Not put out by the downpour that he?s cried


Wish to God I could fix his broken past

I?d take a wrench to his memories if he asked

But if the black was erased and scrubbed with gray

Would he be the same man I know today?

[Repeat Chorus]

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