Innocence Adult Alternative

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INNOCENCE_ scratch vocal idea Uploaded 5yr+8mo ago by widowsmite

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widowsmite   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Hi Laura, vocals are far from pitch perfect, but I wanted to make sure you liked the direction I am going with the melody before I worked on seps? Hope ya like it! :)


lbubeck   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Wow I am sorry it took me so long to listen but I love this!!!!! It's incredible!!!! Thank you!!!! So you have more plans for it?


lbubeck   commented 5yr+8mo ago

I love how it sounds kind of grunge. And how you turned some of the verses into a bridge works really well too!

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widowsmite   commented 5yr+7mo ago

Man, how does time slip by so quickly?! I am really glad you like it! David had several good suggestions that I am going to try. And hopefully I can get some more down time to dedicate to this song (which btw is greatness!) and lay down the vox seps. Talk to you soon. I thank you and David for your patience.


lbubeck   commented 5yr+7mo ago

Hi there - just seeing if you're still working on another take on this? Let me know! I love the direction!

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widowsmite   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Hey there Laura, I am. I am working crazy hours but squeezing in recording time every chance I can get. : )


lbubeck   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Totally understand. Thanks!!!