Miles Apart Alternative Country

  Spin-off   Spun by Gill



Miles Apart Sketch Uploaded 6yr+4mo ago by StevenG

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StevenG   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Hey guys. I'm completely freekin' lost here. I noticed this track, downloaded it, fiddled with it a bit. and when I went to upload it as an idea, I couldn't even figure out where I got it 2 hours ago. Am I in the right place? - Gill, is this your song? Aaaanyway, if it is... just a quick suggestion of melody and phrasing lyrics are just quick placeholders to get the idea across. Someone let me know if I'm intruding here. Love the site but haven't figured it out yet. lemmme know... Thanks


Gill   commented 6yr+4mo ago

ya its good! great if u get it all finished id love to hear it when u get it on here! thanks