Morning Evening And Night (Instrumental) Smooth Jazz

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New Mix

By Joe Skelley
6yr+7mo ago

Hey guys, hope you all are well! I've just uploaded a new mix (Featured track) and was just hoping to have a discussion with you all about any ideas or improvements that can be made. I wrote a string section for it, and there is a new rhodes part that plays with lilJoe's lead guitar part so that's all new, and we also have a bass solo from simon_lau and new guitar parts from DoctorTuxedo. I think its in need of some real durms and a trumpet though - Yeah! I have left it quiet on purpose, just for when it will be mastered.  

Thanks guys. :)



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FunkySkunk   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Or maybe instead of trumpet Frederic, you may want to do some sax? just some nice reverby licks where the trumpet is atm.

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liljoe6string   commented 6yr+7mo ago

tasty add FunkyS!!


FunkySkunk   commented 6yr+7mo ago

Cheers lilJoe. I think we made a pretty good song here! :)