Morning Evening And Night (working title) Smooth Jazz

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Creative Brief

This is a song I wrote, I think it has quite a nice smooth feel to it. I quite like the overall feel to it, but it's lacking some of the nuances of authentic instruments. So for anyone who is wanting/ willing to contribute, I was hoping it could keep more or less the same structure and sound, but with you adding some interesting ear candy to the mix.

For the trumpet, you can hear it just Ghosting behind the chorus. I wanted to keep this effect but with some nice real muted trumpet and ofc. anything else you think would add to it, i also wanted the muted trumpet to play around with the last 2 choruses, just adding some variety.

For the Bass, I wanted it to be super low and smooth keeping the same rough form.

For the Drums, I was hoping for the same feel, but with some interesting bits to mix it up; since its fairly repetitive.  

For the Guitar, I wanted there to be a nice soft guitar solo on the middle 8 and carrying over onto the last verse. 

For the vocals I wanted them to follow roughly the same notes/timing of the piano melody at the chorus, just because I'm hoping to double the vocals with piano there for more of a grand sound. However for the verses you can do whatever feels right. (I'm also working on some lyrical ideas of my own, but I'm totally open to your own interpretation and as I'm not a singer I'm sure it will fit much better)


Verse: Em9,  CM11 Chorus: Em9,  CM11 Middle 8: F 6/9, G9, Am9


Additional Information

Genre Smooth Jazz Key E minor BPM 80.0 Smooth drums guitar jazz trumpet

Collaboration started July 22, 2014 by FunkySkunk
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