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MHBY   commented 5yr+12mo ago

So this is my idea - took some writing and rewriting but I'm pretty pleased with the imagery in this one. Basically about being in a boring office job and wanting to escape - as I have been and did. At points it follows the suggested melody, at others it deviates a little but it should fit in terms of syllables and pacing... I hope. I'd be happy to try to put down a guide vox, but it's not an easy one, quite wordy. Nice guitar playing in the bridge btw. All the best, Mark


ELDude   commented 5yr+12mo ago

Hey Mark, Thanks for this, I do appreciate it. Good lyrics...they have an emotional quality to them and tell a story. I like them. I wonder what would they sound like sung? Do you fancy giving the vocal a shot? Regards, Dave


MHBY   commented 5yr+12mo ago

Hey Dave I'm glad youre happy with them, it was a very poppy happy melody and this is about as happy, albeit sardonic, as my lyrics generally get! I will put on my best Damon Albarn voice and give it a go. Just don't have your expectations too high but at least it could serve as a guide. Mark