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Here's the deal Main Mix Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by JennyK

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JennyK   commented 5yr+7mo ago

Okay, here's what happened. Your tweaks opened it right up, nice nice. But then i thought, what the hell, there's something very wrong with the stereo image. So hunting down where the problem was took me a bit but wow; sometimes i wonder about me. The overall room verb was set to a mono preset. Okay, changing that change the entire feel plus changed all the levels. Back to levelling everything again. So I don't think I'm imagining it when i feel this is better. The ending needs to be adjusted up a bit. Chorus loses power so I'm gonna fix that and hear what you say before wave. Thoughts?

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sriracha   commented 5yr+7mo ago

oh yeah - this is right on. Now, 1:55 thru 2:12, and 2:56 thru 3:12 setup a compressor on the lead guitar to duck when the vocals come in. You do that by setting the side chain to the vocal lead track - then when that track has level, the compressor will kick in and if you set it all right, slightly reduce the level of the guitar - and when the vocal phrase tails off, the guitar comes back up. You can set it up and leave for the whole track - the compressor only kicks in when the lead vocal is there. This is a great trick to get the guitar level up a tad more, yet have it sit below the vocal. I'm not sure how to describe setting that up, to be honest since I normally post a pict, but I can go over the settings if you want to - let me know. It's a technique well worth adding to your mixing arsenal.

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JennyK   commented 5yr+7mo ago

Hahaha. Thanks Bill. Yeah, done it... once or twice. It is a great thing to know and once I had figured out what all those extra outputs were in the DAW; that was a good day. It is a bit finicky as compressors will not tell me in numbers what it is doing. Not in a way I can actually make sense of. I tend to do automation and/or clip editing before doing any side-chaining for that very reason. But for this I would agree it's what's needed. I should be fine by A B testing. Having that exact time helps too, thanks much. Hoping to get to it today but there's a carpenter in the studio right about now... with a hammer. Sigh.