Morning Evening And Night (Joe's song, frederic spin) Smooth Jazz

  Spin-off   Spun by FredEricksen



Any news about this song ?

By Fab -
6yr+8mo ago

Hey all,

I'd like to know where are you with this song. If you're interested, I'd like to replace the bass and eventually do a solo in your choice section. Just time it on the featured track. Can enhance the drums too if needed.

Last thing, which seps should I download ?




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FredEricksen   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Noisy! That would be great! I'm swamped with collabs... really like this, and tat one.... Oh. and that one too! :) I haven't touched this one yet, except Joe's original version. There are 3 versions now, I wanted to do a smooth sax with this, have a bass and keys player, new drummer and stuff... Have a go bro! I'll catch up :) Try all the Keys and Drums seps to start. Add the others later as needed. -peace