Magic Forest (Part Two) Contemporary Blues

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 5yr+9mo ago

MAGIC FOREST song lyrics by Joel Sattler in a land of wood and dragons is imagination the king wizards, witches, warlocks and flagons vestal virgins how the do sing secret messages writ in the tombstones voices speaking out of the sky prophet potents reading the rolling bones more to vision than meets the eye magic forest where is the rest of me magic forest is this a test to me magic forest far to the west of me magic forest bring out the best in me magic forest dark and unknowable magic forest far and un-go-able magic forest scary and horrible magic forest what have you done magic forest the trees will talk to me magic forest demons will walk with me magic forest doors will unlock for me magic forest tick of the clock for me ===============


wiig   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Thx! Cool, i like it! :-)


xvpusw   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Excellent lyrics for an excellent tune fine sir.


wiig   commented 5yr+9mo ago