Silence Is Seldom Broken Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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Paul's lyrics almost always inspire me to write something gentle ... here is another of his works put to music by myself.

I think the song could be developed into various different styles, but I currently envision it as a country ballad or something along the lines of the general singer/songwriter genre.

Vocals is what we need first. I'll figure out the chords later, and then we will also need real bass, real drums and maybe guitars - or actually anything else that will help the song along.

Silence Is Seldom Broken

The haze was hanging heavy
Like a yellow milky cloud
The platform was busy
Train whistles were loud

I saw her pass by
Then she boarded the train
Among the faceless people
I could sense her pain

No words will be spoken
The silence is seldom broken
Everyone just stares at the floor
Day after day the same routine
Not first, not last, just in between
She was very easy to ignore

And the seats were all full
But her emptiness screamed
It was not what she planned
It was not what she dreamed

Stop after stop she surrenders
Giving way to another day
Tonight she will take her seat again
And dream of breaking away


Eb Gm | Ab Eb
Eb Gm | Ab Bb :|

Cm Gm | Fm Bb
Ab Fm | Bb
Cm Gm | Ab Eb
Ab Fm | Bb

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Genre Contemporary Singer/Songwriter Key Eb BPM 70.0

Collaboration started August 14, 2014 by stoman
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