Down By The Ocean Traditional Pop

Started by NYSongwriterProducer, © All Rights Reserved 2014



Down By The Ocean with scratch vocals Uploaded 7yr+12mo ago by NYSongwriterProducer

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ElliottRise   commented 7yr+12mo ago

Really nice song. Are the lyrics/melody set in stone? No problem if they are, I just need to know how flexible things are.


NYSongwriterProducer   commented 7yr+12mo ago

Not really set on stone, maybe carved into a tree. I'm not opposed to hearing a variation or new spin on the track. We are creators, I'd never shut an idea down before its' given a opportunity to be one. Give it a go, I'd love to hear it.


ElliottRise   commented 7yr+12mo ago

Ok. I'll give it a shot just as soon as I can.