What She Said American Trad Rock

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xterrabill   commented 4mo+9dy ago

I thank very much for the lyrics and the possibility of you bringing in a singer for this, but I do have another lyricist that has had lyrics typed up on their ipad for a couple years now that has never been submitted, in fact I just spoke to this person the other day. I am not saying your lyrics wont be used...not at all, but I will hold off on accepting for now. please do not take them down. please do leave them up here as a submission for a while. I would love to see/hear what transpires, it may take a while...but heck its been like 6+ years LOL, I am obviously in no hurry. lets see what happens. I thank you very much for this and your efforts. Peace, Xt

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davkoeh77   commented 4mo+9dy ago

Ok no problem Bill. I understand - I believe my partner on this want to take a shot at singing the song. If he does and it?s acceptable to you would you consider a spin-off for us if you have other plans for the original?

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xterrabill   commented 4mo+9dy ago

spin? sure if vox is good. Please note there may be a problem with the seps tho, I am not sure they even exist anymore, this tune may have been recorded 3 computers ago, it would take some serous digging on my part to recover them if on old laptop, if from 2 laptops ago....they are gone forever.

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davkoeh77   commented 4mo+8dy ago

Ok, we?ll figure it out. Thanks, Dave


BuckM   commented 4mo+7dy ago

Hi Bill, Hi Dave .So sorry i can not mix this ,i'm going to leave it to you Bill.Something has come up .I sent a rough a mix just for you to get the jist of what im trying to do. I like to layer my vocals as you can hear .On the mix i just put everything in plus the kitchen sink but the ending gets to confusing . please do it what ever way you like ,That's if you like it of coarse . Thank You. BuckM

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davkoeh77   commented 4mo+6dy ago

Very cool Buck! Fit it in with the existing background vocals so well.

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xterrabill   commented 4mo+3dy ago

to all that have interest in this song.... 100% epic fail on my part alone!!! ALL FILES LOST! this song must have been when I was using cakewalk music creator 4 or cubasis 3.0, I searched for almost 2 hours and literally checked every single .cwp file and came up with Nothing for this, I even did a HUGE search of all wav files and have nothing for this at all....not even one file! my most sincere apologies to all, I should have taken this song down years ago, this is completely 100% my fault! please accept my apologies Xt

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davkoeh77   commented 4mo+3dy ago

Understood Bill. 6 years is a long time. I?m still going to try some things with it. I really like it. We may not be able to get a professional sounding mix out of it, but still something fun to listen to. Thanks for the spin-off.