TIME IS NOTHING song lyrics by Joel Sattler Avant-Garde

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TIME IS NOTHING song lyrics 
by Joel Sattler 

dark matter fills the universe 
dark matter is no lie 
you cannot see or touch it 
but it fills up half the sky 

black holes they dot the darkness 
black holes god who knows where 
black holes are more than emptiness 
because there's really nothing there 

the speed of light it is a constant 
the speed of light will never change 
you never match it when you come on it 
and if you think become deranged 

if you study quantum mechanics 
if you study the mecha dammit 
if you do and you're not frightened 
then you don't really understand it 

time is nothing 
time is nothing 
all measurement is false 
time is nothing 
time is nothing 
so dance a 5-4 waltz 

time begins with the big bang 
before big bang there was naught 
before big bang there was no time 
and what was ought was what God wroght 


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