Soy Muy Latino (frederic spin) Latin Jazz

  Spin-off   Spun by FredEricksen



Creative Brief

This is a FUN song! Thank you Nicola, for sharing such great things with us :) 

I've done this spin to try my hand at producing this style song, and would LOVE to have a Trumpet solo in one of the sections :)


Something to have fun with... really nothing serious. To replace Horns/Brass, Piano, Drum and add Bass, percussion, instrumental solo for the 4 section of the song.

If nobody will join then I will send invite..


Intro Am,D9/Db7#9,E7#9/Am,D9/Db7#9,E79/ x 2

Verse Am,D9/Db7#9,E7#9/Am,D9/Db7#9,E79/ x 4

Chorus Fmaj7,Em7/A/Fmaj7,Em7/A/Fmaj7,Em7/A/Fmaj7,Em7/E7/



Additional Information

Genre Latin Jazz Key A minor BPM 110.0

Collaboration started September 20, 2014 by FredEricksen
Last upload 6yr+6mo ago

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Copyright © 2014 by FredEricksen, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Sep 20, 2014

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