Autumn (Spin-Off) Celtic

  Spin-off   Spun by Gemini



Creative Brief

This is a spin-off of Paul's project with a different tack: Scottish dirge! :)

Lyrics by TommyK (Tom Keaton). Thanks Tom!


AUTUMN                         Lyrics By;  Tom Keaton 9-28-2014


Autumn my old friend   **Possible Chorus**                         

Here we are again

Your beauty floods my soul

With memories of stories untold


Autumn you come    **Possible Chorus**                                    

And must surely go

But Autumn my old friend

Here we are again


Spring offers buds of faith

Without hesitation or waste

Summer warms us deep inside

Sun shining down with pride

Winter's snow bright and clean

Sleep well within your dreams


Your beauty can't be absorbed in a glance

But draws me into a soothing trance

Now our pleasures are met

And not soon to forget


The leaves must fall                                                                                 

As the cold winds call

Yes It all begins

My forever friend


You touch my soul

With beauty untold

Seasons change and never last

Passing by always too fast


And now your turn is here

As winter grows near

But no need for tears

For my Autumn is here


Press a leaf in pages to remember

This special time of now and forever

Melodies and words try to express

The beauty of you, unsurpassed


With flavors of yellow and gold

You flood my mortal soul

Passionate orange and dark green shades

Dazzle in the sunlit haze


Wish I could capture you forever today                                                             

To save for a cold winters day

And watch your leaves dance and play

Autumn I wish you could stay


Majestic, magnificent, these words don't suffice

To express what you add to this life

I thank you Autumn for always being there

And showing yourself once a year


Autumn you change my mood and refresh me

With your abundance of colors to see

No artist could ever capture

Your beauty and rapture


The crisp air within the breeze

Whispers throughout the trees

And your unforgettable secret scent

Can only be heaven sent


As we move forward another year

In my heart, I keep you near



PS: The photo is one I took of my garden at the appropriate time of year. I will try to produce my own project artwork from now on.


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Genre Celtic Key G minor BPM 55.0

Collaboration started September 29, 2014 by Gemini
Last upload 6yr+5mo ago

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Copyright © 2014 by Gemini, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Sep 29, 2014

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