Acoustic Alternative Music Seeking Vocals! Soundtrack

Started by morganlikesmusic, © All Rights Reserved 2014



I've scribbled some lyrics ... ?

By Dennis Rodgers   2yr+5mo ago

HoWdY!!  From the first time I heard this tune I loved the groove!  I am trying to figure out how to record/finish/upload the vocal/whatever tracks here. Please don't close this until I have a chance to present my ideas!  Thankx!  ...

Vocals and Lyrics..?

By Mike B   5yr+9mo ago

Hi Morgan,   I love this project so far. Could you please clarify what you're looking for here? You've listed "vocals", "male vocals", and "female vocals" as talents you need/want. I don't see any lyrics included in the project, and you're not a...

Need female vocals?

By Jazz Steele   5yr+12mo ago

The music is absolutely beautiful! I don't write music, but if you have some lyrics to go with this piece, I'll gladly sing it for you. I wouldn't mind singing with a male vocalist either.