Acoustic Alternative Music Seeking Vocals! Soundtrack

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Prayer final mix! Perfected the vocal and overall mix. Uploaded 5yr+8mo ago by osiebrown

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osiebrown   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Hope you like this mix! I will send this out to a couple of music supervisors and see what they tell me about it as well! Great instrumental Morgan!


selaperforms   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Great Job!!!

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sanger   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Frickin' BRILLIANT! I dig everything about this tune (I'm so envious of your voice!)

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Stellar Sir !!


taeliah01   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Very nice! I've been watching this song for months. I was hoping to put some lyrics to it myself, but, alas, I'm not a songwriter. I only sing what's given to me. Anyway, you did a great job. It's beautiful!


LindsayAO   commented 5yr+3mo ago

Your voice. Wow. I mean. WOW. To work on a duet with you sometime would be amazing. And side note: I would LOVE to hear you sing Lenny Kravitz "I'll Be Waiting" or "I Love the Rain."


AlloyMedia   commented 5yr+3mo ago

Man I could make this sound like gold. Great voice. Give me a shot at mixing this please.