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Vocal Try 1 Uploaded 5yr+9mo ago by Kimberlain

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Kimberlain   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Just gave it a go. If you like where I'm going with it I for sure intend on putting back ground vocals on it. Killer song!! I know some parts are off but I can always redo it I couldn't get real loud or I might get another noise complaint ha I'll do it again in the morning just an idea.


StratCas   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Hey Jake, really like where going with this! Love the register change up parts at :55 and 1:46! The melody during verse and chorus sound real nice! Adding harmonies would be awesome to fill out the chrous and build on song's hook:) Thanks so much! Please upload seps whenever your ready!


jercjerc   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Great! :)


Kimberlain   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Do you want me to mix it and use effects or just have it flat? I plan on doing the rest this evening after work.


StratCas   commented 5yr+8mo ago

If not too much trouble, one flat and one with effects. This helps me get a feel for how you like your vocals mixed. Thanks!