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Lyrics for "Scopic"

By Aggro Phene
6yr+3mo ago

I would like to provide some direction as to how the song progresses based on my lyrics. The actual music bears less sentiment, since it has already gone through two incarnations and I have video snippets of jam sessions that inspire as well. My vocals continue to easily adjust to changes in the musical characteristics, I hope that as THIS incarnation forms it will do so around the Female Vocals enough to give confidence to the contributor (whoever that may be?).


Tinted with strands of tissue, refraction blurs contrast. Just beneath a crimson lining, deeper still spell being cast.

Chorus: Scopic appeal, now that you did show, can no longer conceal. It's refreshing to know, you're ready to reveal, this side of your soul.

Glance meant to make a brief touch, has reached into my core. Nothing could hurt this much, leave me aching for more. Chorus

If the orb wasn't enticing enough, you lowered a curtain, closed this scene. As fringe entwines, restricting view, I...feel it gather strength, till we'll reconvene. Chorus

The lid is retired, crevice lashes open, deep inside reaches through. All that is desire, all that can be spoken, resides within your view. Chorus

*What follows is an idea for the Female vocal part in chorus:

Scopic appeal (I implore) Now that you did show (Can't hide anymore) Can no longer conceal (sight, broken seal) It's refreshing to know (emotions pour) you're ready to reveal (from behind a door) this side of your soul (afraid to open, afraid to feel)

That's what I have got for now, thanks for listening!


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AggroPhene   commented 3 years ago

Just thought I would consolidate the lyrics I wrote into two phrases, to better identify the Female Vocal lines. ___________ - My eye's implore; can't hide anymore; ..your sight has bore, through a seal. - As you light my core, emotions pour, afraid to ignore, afraid to feel.