Scopic Industrial

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AggroPhene   commented 7yr+7mo ago

Here is the new direction I am headed for with "Scopic". 102 BPM. I took an Eighth triplet time signature and synced it up to 6/4 bars in sequencer for ease editing slices that were in 16ths at 4/4. The vocal pace is smoother at this rate, but now the rhythm has really changed how I will sing it. Attempts will be made to leave more room for Female Vocals.


AggroPhene   commented 7yr+7mo ago

This represents only the first verse, a chorus and a second verse. Based on using a butchered version of the lyrics as they appear in this disscussion, http:// I have already debated shortening the song, but would like it if most of the story transferred over; the last verse being so key to that, I will probably remove a chorus.