Go Blue Singer/Songwriter

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GoBlue OTW bass test 1 Uploaded 5yr+1mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Welcome to Kompoz, Ben. You're off to a good start with such a nice little song. Here is a quick test with fretless acoustic bass. Advice, as a new starter. If you upload your individual tracks (call them 'seps' here) it makes it easier for other folk to work out the song structure and also gives you the opportunity to get a better mix from those more experienced. Some here love to 'just mix'. Good luck. James.


bencharleston   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Thanks for the tip and for adding to my song! In the future, I will try to upload the individual tracks as Seps instead of just the mastered track.

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offthewall   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Best if you up the full mix as an example along with seps. That way folk can hear what you are after and can also attract those who mix. Do you plan on sending the seps for this one? If you do I can certainly improve on it for you.