Light Through Cracks (Working Title Made Up On The Spot) Hard Rock

Started by MarkP, © All Rights Reserved 2014



Light Through the cracks rough ideas 1 UGP Uploaded 5yr+11mo ago by UnderGunnedProductions

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UnderGunnedProductions   commented 5yr+11mo ago

Eh man, here is comp of two quick takes I came up with on the spot the day you uploaded your track, It needs a lot of work but might have some potential if you are digging it, If you could find some one to write some lyrics that would be great, maybe this start could help some one further on this idea. Either way cool idea you got started here!


MarkP   commented 5yr+11mo ago

Thanks, man! Sorry for the late reply, too. I really enjoyed your take. It was cool to hear something different to what I had in my head. I'm still trying to work on lyrics. :/ I'll give it a few more days and then let go of trying it myself.