Heart Key Fm Roots Rock

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Heartbeat OTW re mix 2 Uploaded 6yr+10mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 6yr+10mo ago

This is the first opportunity I've had of doing a full re-mix of one of Kjell's projects. I wanted to bring out his superb guitar solo so he kindly uploaded all the seps for me to mess with. Brought up his fine guitar picking and added some extra dynamics in the mix. Man, this guy is really something.


jamtrack   commented 6yr+10mo ago

perfect it becomes more life into the music does not sound machine In terms of solo guitar as you let the pop up behind your voice lifts the entire track usually when I do so, I would be cautious and in no way interfere with the singer but I understand that I do not need to be so afraid to do it without perhaps allowing the soloist to play a few bars in when the text begins. -kjell