Forgiveness Adult Alternative

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Lead Guitar sections:
0:20 - 0:29 - Intro lead
0:43 - 0:48 - quick little between verses lead
1:10 - 1:20 - Instrument break before third verse
2:02 - 2:30 - Main Guitar solo

If you want to use the lyrics below, I have a melody line already.  If you want to write your own melody (which is accepted and encouraged, I prefer you use/write original lyrics for that purpose - but you can use lyrics below if you want)

copyright 1996 

I've got the feeling 
That I've been here before
The sky is bleeding 
It turns the grey to red 

Some see lightning 
But all I see is a sky that's torn 
The clouds are bleeding 
They squeeze the life from it 

It's all so familiar 
I've been here before 

The darkness slowly fades 
As your vision drifts right through my head 
If I step to the light 
Will all my dreams be sworn 

My eyes may be blind 
But my love has been reborn 

I will beg forgiveness 
No sense in trying to pretend 
I will beg for mercy 
No sense in trying 
In trying to pretend 

Cuz I must too, forgive 


The time has come again 
When all good things must end 
If run from the light
Will the night swallow up the morn'

My eyes may be blind
But my love has been reborn

Chorus Twice

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Genre Adult Alternative Key G major BPM 105.0

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