Southern Breakfast by LJ Tanner USA - Kim Noble USA - Kjell Karlsson Sweden Rockabilly

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Southern Breakfast Uploaded 4 years ago by LooknGlass

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LooknGlass   commented 4 years ago

Here's a more cleaned up mix with backup my friend.. I will upload the dry sep. If you want me to, I can upload the backup also.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 4 years ago

hahahaa, this is THE BEST!!! It's GREAT to hear you--I had NO CLUE you could sing!! :) Great job and a VERY fun track by Kjell!! :)


LooknGlass   commented 4 years ago

Thanks Kim, I appreciate it.. I mean, I can't sing real good, but I can make syllables! : )...It was fun playing with this good tune though for sure.


jamtrack   commented 4 years ago

Hi Kim hope all os fine I am not so active so bad Internet. ---------------------------------- L J Tanner Great I am happy you find this track You can upload SEP if you have possible to do. I have no possible now to work on the track but it can be fun to do then i have my fiber internet. - Thank you /Kjell "the old man in Sweden"


LooknGlass   commented 4 years ago

I will upload my backup seps soon. My DAW tracks are a mess, but everything's there


xvpusw   commented 3yr+11mo ago

You know James, it's like you wrote a song about MY Grandma :-)


LooknGlass   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Grandma's are the best cooks ever!