Still Relaxation

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Still 2 Uploaded 6yr+6mo ago by Sparks

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+6mo ago

This is cool. Are you new to kompoz?


Sparks   commented 6yr+6mo ago

Thanks. Not so cool, I guess. It's not what I wanted to do first but it was a good exercise. I was rusted. If I'm new... huh... why this question?


mauro   commented 6yr+6mo ago

I agree, so cool! I'd like to hear something like this but also more lightness, Sparks. The original chords progression with own direction is something that I thought for maintain a thin balance between the acoustic instruments. I think to a keyboard less full and if possible, to a bass very near to the simply line of the chords


Sparks   commented 6yr+6mo ago

Thank you Mauro. I agree with you. I will see what I can do. Thank you for your help. ;)