Parallel (Club version) Alternative Rap

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Parallel Lyrics

By Aggro Phene
7yr+5mo ago

Lyrics for "Parallel"-


You're in Parallel, fighting against yourself, trying not to take a side.

But you've got no choice, cause you've been left far behind...


...By the one who knows you best. Has your interests at heart.

Knows your every move and wants you take'n a part (taken apart).


Denying enchantments, sick of these tests, but most consider this, being blessed.

In two places at once you might wish to be, though each perceive separate reality.

PRE-CHORUS: Your choices up to they, your words not what you say.

Your choices are thought ahead, but your words not what is said...



Can't trickle across the line or you'll tip the scales.

The vision of a way to close this rift, with darkness fills.

Your measures and weights have left you resourceless.

Pulling apart guidelines, now courseless.

The only identity to hone, is ordained to stand alone.



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FUNKYBONESMusic   commented 7yr+5mo ago

Rap Lyric Verse 1 But you've got no choice, choices left behind By the one who knows the test Is your interest close and best at heart It knows every move and takes you apart Verse 2 Denying enchantment I'm sick of all these tests But please consider this oh I am still blessed Two places all at once you may wish to be their Though each will perceive seperate reality yeah Chorus Cant trickle across the line or you will tip the scales The vision of a way to close this rift with darkness fills Your measures and weights have left you with no resource Pull apart the rule book its just par for the course (or its not par for the course)


AggroPhene   commented 7yr+5mo ago

One slight alteration takes the meaning into the electronic premise and somewhat purposeless existence of the Eternal Champion. First Chorus as you have sung... Second Chorus- Your measures and weights have left you with no resource, Follow the path of resistance, leaves you par for the course. Also I was going to sing the first Verse (original chorus) as: By the one who knows you best, has your interests at heart. Joins you in every test, wants you taken apart. ...and a third verse likely to be melded with your second verse as: Your words not what you say (denying enchantments), Your choices up to they (sick of all these tests) Choices thought ahead (but consider this) Your words not what you said (I am still blessed)


AggroPhene   commented 6yr+8mo ago

So the version that is "Preview" is this melding of vocal phrases, partially in good timing but still needs work. Though layering of the vocals may come off as a little awkward, I intend for the convergence of different minds and therefor play on the fact that we sound similar though we are saying slightly different things. I KNOW What???? Uh. Uh. Or replace some lines with female vocals.


AggroPhene   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Heating this Remake Up for a true Video Rendition that can help the Hero's of my Graphic Novel Anthem their entry into our World.