Parallel (Club version) Alternative Rap

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AggroPhene   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Lyrics for "Parallel"- You're in Parallel, fighting against yourself, trying not to take a side. But you've got no choice, cause you've been left far behind... CHORUS: ...By the one who knows you best. Has your interests at heart. Knows your every move and wants you take'n a part (taken apart). Denying enchantments, sick of these tests, but most consider this, being blessed. In two places at once you might wish to be, though each perceive separate reality. PRE-CHORUS: Your choices up to they, your words not what you say. Your choices are thought ahead, but your words not what is said... (CHORUS) Can't trickle across the line or you'll tip the scales. The vision of a way to close this rift, with darkness fills. Your measures and weights have left you resourceless. Pulling apart guidelines, now courseless. The only identity to hone, is ordained to stand alone. (CHORUS)