Parallel (Club version) Alternative Rap

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Parallel Blender Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by AggroPhene

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AggroPhene   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Got some levels to work out, but wanted to give Collaborators an opportunity to hear my current direction. Seps for this track will be up this weekend.


FUNKYBONESMusic   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Hi Agg, pretty cool buddy, whats your plan next and have you anything specific you'd like me to do? Would like to work on my parts and look at a middle section idea, but i'm easy man. Gaz

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AggroPhene   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Indeed Gaz, It would be nice to have your vocals isolated. I plan on setting up a second channel of mine then handing you the parts for further manipulation; possibly a separate rhythm guitar track that I can use for some instrument channel migration, but that can wait.


FUNKYBONESMusic   commented 4yr+9mo ago

Great Aggro, would like to have a play around if your happy for me to do so, look forward to you posting the seps, cheers Gaz