THE GRASS IS SINGING (spin-off - Joel Sattler's project) New Acoustic

  Spin-off   Spun by Parapagal



Creative Brief

THE GRASS IS SINGING pt XV of The Waste Land cycle by Joel Sattler 

part IV of "What the Thunder Said" 

based on the poem by TS Eliot 

a woman drew out her long black hair tight 
and fiddled whispered music on those long black strings 
and hats with baby faces in the violet light 
whistled in the dark, and beat their bat-like wings 

and crawled head downward down a blackened wall 
and upside down were towers, towers in the air 
and reminiscent bells tolled hours down the hall 
and voices singing out of the exhausted wells 

but still the grass is singing 
over tumbled graves 
still the grass is singing 
and something can be saved 

in this decaying hole among the mountain swell 
in the faintest moonlight, the grass is singing 
about the empty chapel, a windowless shell 
the wind has come home at last, the door is swinging 

dry bones can harm no one the bells the bells they echo 
a cock stood on the rooftree explaining once again 
co co rico rico co co rico rico 
and in a flash of lightning a damp gust bringing rain 

and still the grass is singing 
over tumbled graves 
still the grass is singing 
so something can be saved 


Additional Information

Genre New Acoustic Key A major BPM 120.0

Collaboration started December 28, 2014 by Parapagal
Last upload 5yr+5mo ago

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Copyright © 2014 by Parapagal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Dec 28, 2014

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