Mama's Gonna Cut You Down Classic Blues

Started by BobbieC, © All Rights Reserved 2014



Two files uploaded

By John Hill
5yr+10mo ago


A mix of lead guitar and your excellent song, plus the lead guitar track only.

Feel free to give feedback so that I might tailor the sound to what you are after. I tried not to step on your lyrics. Feel free to cut sections that do not seem to fit. 


Thank you for the fun opportunity to contribute!



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joel_sattlersongs   commented 5yr+10mo ago

Bobbie has bailed out of Kompoz, so any work on his projects is probably a waste of time.


JohnEarlHill   commented 5yr+10mo ago

Joel, Thank you for the heads-up. I will steer my efforts elsewhere.

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 5yr+10mo ago

It's a shame. My speculation is that he was uploading this song to every site he could lay his hands on, but when a lot of people here tried to jump on board with their contributions to his song, he freaked and split.


SpankyFrost   commented 5yr+10mo ago

Wow, that is a shame. Would have been a great one to collaborate with. I see lots of users bailing. Why? I am new here... so basically you just add your own tracks to a mix and upload that mixdown? I was hoping for more details of individual tracks, not mixes.

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BrotherRat   commented 5yr+10mo ago

You upload a mix with your addition to the basic mix .. so the project owner can hear an idea of what you propose. This is called and 'Audition'. If the project owner likes it .. he/she will ask for a 'sep' (an individual track uploaded) .. that he himself will mix in... to his liking ... or have a an experienced mixer do it for him.