AGAIN AND AGAIN Adult Alternative

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Vocalists: if you want to write your own lyrics and/or melody line, then I'd like you to spin it off and give it a shot before you hear my version of the vocals which I'll be working on.  I'd rather not taint your creativity and look forward to hearing your version as well. :)

Guitar Lead:  song section times are noted in the lyrics

copyright 1993
lyrics and music written by Rich Coleman

Peaceful dreams fade to reality  (vocals start in at 0:43)
As I wake up to you
Snowflake skies hover over us (oh, in love)
And white wicker stains the room

This all takes me back  (Chorus starts at 1:20)
To when it all began
It seems like I'm falling in love...

The sun shines upon me in gentle way  (starts at 1:54)
Oh, there's so much left to see 
It's hard to believe that we all have numbered days
Oh, it's hard to believe

Oh and I'll walk with you (Chorus starts at 2:31)
To the undiscovered end
It seems as if I'm falling in love with life...


SOLO (starts at 3:16)

Oh and I'll walk with you
To the undiscovered end
It seems as if I'm falling in love with life...


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Genre Adult Alternative Key C minor BPM 105.0

Collaboration started January 11, 2015 by leesharp
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Copyright © 2015 by leesharp, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jan 11, 2015

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leesharp Lee Sharp
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