Money Talks Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Money Talks Final Mix Uploaded 5yr+3mo ago by BrotherRat

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Gemini   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Sounds great Ray! More space and dynamics in this one methinks.

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BrotherRat   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Me thinks too. The big thing with mix/mastering is the ears get jaded after HOURS of listening while you adjust stuff. Then when you re-visit after forgetting about it .. you hear other things to do to it. Compared to playing an instrument or singing which is done in 20 minutes ../ mixing well is a lot harder to do :) A little more space for dynamics and I think I got Craig's vox better. It is a good tune :) Thanks for noticing, Nigel. (corrected 4 typos in this!!! do not type immediately upon waking!!!)


Abstract   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Mix does sound better to my old, infirm, untrained, yet remarkably attractive ears and the vocal does sound better placed to me - the guitar is well, just awesome .... :0)

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xvpusw   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Whoa... Rock On Y'all...