As I Stand Before You (At The Gallows End) Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Drums - JackRelaxx

By Edson Silva   4yr+10mo ago

Yo y'all!   Harald has joined the fun so we are going to have a real drummer

Everybody Hold Your Breath

By Edson Silva   4yr+10mo ago

I am taking a crack at this tune, starting.... Now... I know there will be tons of gripes and unhappiness, so... please keep it to yourself... My goal is to do the best job that I can, showcase the song, and I am certain some mixing buff out there wil...

We Are Reviving This Tune

By Edson Silva   4yr+10mo ago

This tune is by no means dead. I am reviving it, and hope to have it finished within the week. God willing...

Fresh Mix

By Edson Silva   5yr+2mo ago

Hey guys!   I have been shopping for a vocalist to tackle this tune. Is there anyway that one of you who is better at mixing than me could do a backing track with everyone's lead in it so I can show it to the people I am talking to? I dare not a...

Nari and Mike

By Edson Silva   5yr+3mo ago

Guys... on this song the vocals will stop when Joe starts to lead, and then if you could wrap the song up with some spot singing over the melodic lead at the end, right after Billy is done ripping it.   Can you guys handle that? Gotta be able to...

Time To Put The Band Back Together

By Edson Silva   5yr+3mo ago

Ok guys... We got a vocalist to skin this cat. Her name is Nari Williamson... Say hello to her @Nari and be nice as she is a newbie.   I am pretty sure that Billy is the sound engineer in this gig? If not is it Chad? Anyway... we need a nice ba...

Whattup With This Project Fellas?

By Edson Silva   5yr+4mo ago

I thought we were going to do a full instrumental out of this one as well as a version with vocals. Has that changed?

Quick Mix

By Edson Silva   5yr+4mo ago

Yo Brotha Chad!   What are the chances of getting a "quick mix" with all guitars and Jordi's bass? I know that bass is murderous. I am curious to hear how the whole thing sounds with all guitars and Jordi's bass.


By Edson Silva   5yr+4mo ago

Is Billy going to do the bass on this one?   If not, does anyone have a suggestion. If I were to pick anyone other than Billy it would be Jordi Ribas or Travis Moore. I've done several songs with those two lately and they are amazing

Joe6 Tracks Are In

By Edson Silva   5yr+4mo ago

Absolutely amazing!   Chad, once Joe posts his sep, is there anyway you can do another snippet to incorporate his leads too? I does not have to be the whole song, but just so we hear it like you did the last time when there was only 4 of us.