POOR BOY BLUES song lyrics by Joel Sattler Delta Blues

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POOR BOY BLUES song lyrics 
by Joel Sattler 

poor boy 
bound and bled 
running outta time 
poor boy living running outta time 
doing life and never known the crime 
in a hole 
he outta never climb 

poor boy 
halfway dead 
never seen the sign 
poor boy he aint never seen the sign 
scorpion done crawling up his spine 
never knowed 
that had crossed the line 

I went down 
to see my soul 
went to see my soul 
I went down to sundown see my soul 
then my life it went out of control 
dealt a hand 
and then I had to fold 

the devil 
he came to me 
the devil came to me 
the devil came to me gave me hope 
the devil's hope is worse than any dope 
he left me swinging 
from the end of rope 

the devil 
he is a whore 
the devil is a whore and that's for sure 
I don't have nothing left no not no more 
all my roads come to a single door 
I thought I was broke 
but I was merely poor 

my time 
is almost up 
my time is almost up 
the wine is spilling spilling from the cup 
pretty soon the bells are gonna chime 
and it will be the last 
last of the wine 

poor boy 
don't you cry 
don't you cry for me 
poor boy never ever cry for me 
don't you know I'm happy as can be 
to be nothing 
for eternity 


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