Livin' On Summer Time (Ecopunk Mix) Soft Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by AbbieSea



Creative Brief

Livin' On Summer Time

Lyrics & Music written by Abbie (AbbieSea)

Vocals: Abbie (AbbieSea)
Lead Guitar: Jeff (jchalp)
Drums: Tony (cAnthony)
Mouse Clicking: Rich (EdenMachine)



verse 1:

I list the things I know for sure

you're probably better off with her

and I am not the kind of girl

to get involved this way

but it gets harder to deny

when I am smiling all the time

and every time they ask me why

it's something that you said

I know we met in paradise

but even here at home

I'm acting more like myself

than I do when I'm alone



you've got me

laughin', catchin' eyes

never thinkin' twice

about what I say

you've got me driving

with the windows down

hair flying around

free and unafraid

I know I know better

but I'm caught up in your sunny weather

and for the first time in my life...

you've got me livin' on summer time


verse 2:

somebody tell me what to do

I never meant to fall for you

but now my head is spinning

and I'm talking in cliches

I say you're different from the rest

and I so easily forget

that you're still with another

and I'm still so far away

every time we're talking

I start talking way too much

and if I was crazy

I might almost call it love




I've spent my life worrying and wondering--confused 

I don't wanna do that

not this time

and not with you

whatever we have 

I hope we have it for a while

I just want to thank you

for the way you make me smile

Additional Information

Genre Soft Rock Key C major BPM 78.0

Collaboration started January 18, 2015 by AbbieSea
Last upload 5yr+5mo ago

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Copyright © 2015 by AbbieSea, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jan 18, 2015

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