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Welcome to Kompoz

By John Guitar
5yr+11mo ago

Fantastic example of your talents Megan> I add my view to other Kompozers that you have much to offer Kompoz and the music world.

The cover that you have used for your demo is a great choice however you may be unaware that covers are encouraged to be created as "Private" projects to avoid licencing issues. Don't be put off! If this is the case then I will pass on a Private project token that Raf, the boss gave me. I thinks it fits the situation brief "to encourage " new members. If you decided to do a full performance, mix and master then you can invite some of the artistically rich and supportive members with the qualities you want to make your version.

There are some brill guitarists out there, all outplay me, but I'm putting my name down for some guitar. (I don't think I will beat the rush)

Listen to advice by my esteemed fellow musos and hopefully you will see the way towards what you want to achieve. If you want the Project token just say so. Best wishes. phraser


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